What is ToolShare?

Like Airbnb, but for tools and equipment.

ToolShare is a peer to peer platform that connects people without tools to people with tools.

How does it Work?

Become a Renter;

To rent tools and equipment on ToolShare simply, sign up and create a user profile. Find tools near you, request and rent. It’s as easy as that!

Become a Lender;

To make money on the tools/equipment you own sign up and add items to your virtual Toolbox. Receive requests, rent out tools and sit back while your tools work for you.

What happens if My tools are Dirty, Damaged or Stolen?

ToolShare protects you. All tool/equipment MUST be in new or like new condition and working order.

When a lender rents out a tool/equipment the renter is held liable. Accidents happen so insurance plans are available for those more costly tools/equipment. The cost of cleaning, fixing or replacing tools maybe be charged to the renters opt out of insurance options. ***Cost of tools are set by lender and agreed to by renter.

Does ToolShare deliver?

Not yet… but we will one day.

Meeting arrangements are made between users.

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